CASI Research is a full service market research company providing customized research services since 1998.
Insightful analysis over the years in various industries have generated results and earned respect from our clients.
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Your company's needs are important to us. We have a network of consultants with master, legal and PhD backgrounds to guide each project, and our operations focus on providing you with real, accurate and useful information to achieve efficiency, improve performance and increase profitability.



We make it our mission to help you achieve your business goals through services customized to your need at affordable prices.


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Marketing and Opinion Research Society of the Philippines

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"The Video Mystery Shopping program, allowed us to give exact feedback to our branches to better improve the service and comply to standards. Best yet, we were able to calibrate our own Customer  Service standards for a modern bank." Sol Vivas - AVP - Sales and Service Quality, EPCI Bank

"After we purchased the brands, we needed to rationalise suppliers without compromising the preference of consumers. Product and consumer preference tests were both scientific and insightful. We make better supplier decisions." Mary Claire B. Coros - Research and Development Manager

"The Sales Lead Generation Services of CASI, enables us to keep our organization lean while maximizing our efforts to reach qualified and preferred clients." TJ Laurel  -  Comm. Fleet Mk

"Computer Aided Telephone Surveys allows  us to make sure that the quality of service is maintained by our Relationship Managers. The service CASI Provides is integral in our clients program." Shoeb Siddiqui - Project Executive Field Global Research

"The Usage, Image and Attitude Study CASI Research  was great value for money. The insights were extremely useful in the strategic plans for  the next few years." Jessamine Duenas - Marketing Head GNC